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Past Achievments

Homes For Home Town Heros

Tiny House

Veteran Christina

Memorial Day Parade

Pictures from the Malta Memorial Day parade.  Thank you to all who have served!

Hometown Heroes to the Rescue!

Owners Cody Rodgers, Philip Cline and Matthew Rodger once again (both in 2018 and again this year 2019) step up to the plate and answer the call to action. They took down a tall tree cut it up and haul it away to make room for the second installation of memorial bricks at the Malta Veteran memorial walkway building! this year. Two days of working as volunteers at their own time and expense to give back to our “hometown heroes“ thank you so much Cody and Philip!

And also stepping up to years in a row is Steven Cline owner of Stumps by Steve.  Again, two years in a row he answered the call to action by grinding down the stumps below ground level after the trees were taken down. Corner stone bricks are being placed in their honor. Thank you so much Steve.

Five Course Meal for Those in Need

Thank YOU! to all those who answered the Call to Action for Vet Steve.

We found Steve in a wheelchair too small for him and sleeping on the floor on a mattress, in filth and no clothes or food. 

Clifton Park ELKS, Dan Drescher,Daniel Mathias,Michelle & Brian Richens, Barbara & Joe Masurak, & others shown here brought a new refrigerator, blankets, pillows, and set up a hospital bed donated by BSpa VFW and MVAP. Jim Pratt, Jezreel donated a new wide Wheelchair. 

To all others who brought food and coffee pots, dishes, did laundry, clothes, during the storm, Desiree Farley, Nancy Fodera, Tom Seidler, Kathy Culligan, Cheryl Barber, Taylor, Gina Briscoe,Michelle & Brian Richens,Rebecca Schmoyer, and others who have changed the life of this Veteran. Thank you for answering the Call to Action when we all have busy lives, for this Local Hometown Hero.

Five Course Meal for Those in Need

Price Chopper and Mark Dulos were instrumental in making this happen. Malta Veterans appreciation Bryan Haas, Desiree Farley and Renee Farley prepared a five course meal with the help of Price Chopper. The men were very appreciative and jumped right into the kitchen to help us.

Sid Answers the Call

A call to action was answered by Sid Hudson when our veteran called in the evening to say that water was squirting all over his kitchen and he could not get it to stop. He shut his water off and went without water until the next day when Sid Returned to install the new faucet and plumbing parts, volunteering his time and energy.

Thank you Sid obviously we don’t have to tell you how grateful Ray and the rest of our veteran community appreciate jumping in to take care of our veteran! Sid has also in the past worked along with Phil Steiglein on another veterans project.

Getting Leroy Ready for Winter

A Call to Action went out to help one of our Veterans, LeRoy.  If you remember, during the frigid winter LeRoys flex ductwork collapsed under his mobil home and he had no heat. Ian Farley and another volunteer crawled under and put a temporary bandaid on it until warmer weather.


JW Danforth employees, Jeremy Hart, Joshua Cleveland, Aaron Hebert and Rob Boswell answered that call yesterday to permanently fix the situation donating both materials and labor. Cannot tell you how appreciative LeRoy is for this. While they were there we saw an elderly Veteran across the street on an oxygen tank trying to unload groceries from his trunk to his house.  


Bryan Haas, and the volunteers immediately went to his assistance and carried them info him. He was so grateful. Well, it looks like we just gained another Veteran Family member to take care of...His name is David, a 23 yr service Veteran.  If there is anyone who would like to adopt David please contact to see how you can help.


Thank you Josh, Aaron, Jeremy, Rob for all that you do for our Local Hometown Heroes and welcome to our Veteran Family! Thank YOU!

Ray's New Porch

Ray is a Korean/Vietnam Veterans who currently receives kidney dialysis 3 times a week. He recently found out that he has cancer and is being treated for that as well.  


A "CALL TO ACTION" was sent out to thousands and WWPS (World Wide Professional Solutions and Global Foundries employees, answered that call.  Responding within a week, Jameson Williams, Nick Dini and Erryn Smart jumped right in, got the materials they needed and surprised Ray over the weekend with a nice set of new stairs replacing the old rotted ones. 


Touching ONE VET AT A TIME, MVAP and volunteers such as Jameson, Nick and Erryn, make all the difference in the life of a Veteran. Helping them improve their daily lives and most of all and so important....they know they are not alone and that someone cares about them. Thank you SO much everyone, for assisting one of our Local HOMETOWN HEROES! and a big shout out and thank you to Chad Jones, also of WWPS, who devoted his entire two months helping us raise money through our Golf Charity Event for our Veterans this past week. These are the funds that buy the supplies for these types of projects.  Thanks to ALL!

2017 Success Stories

MVAP is truly making a difference for the veterans in our community.  Please take a moment to review some of the notable accomplishments we made together throughout the year. 

MVAP 2017 Highlights

Our Own "Military Heros of the Year"

Dave Wallingford and Paul Mosseau, two of our Founding members of Malta Veterans Appreciation Program honors our very own hero, DAVE WALLINGFORD, as "Military Hero of the Year".  Learn more about this exciting development in the Saratogian article.


Congratulations Dave!

One of our own fell on hard times this fall when his tools of trade were stolen off a job site. Veteran Mike, himself volunteers to assist other Veterans with ramps, stairs, with our organzation and now finds himself on the receiving end.

Malta Veterans provided Mike with a $500 Certificate to replace some of his tools, While out working, he came home to frozen pipes and no propane and due to not having the necessary tools to find work, he did not have the money to purchase fuel.

It only took one call for LONG ENERGY & MAIN Care Energy to answer the "Call to Action" from Malta Veterans Appreciation Program.

Long Energy & Main Care Energy Unite to Help Local Vet in Hard Times

Each propane company stepped right up and each one provided a full tank of propane to get heat back into Mikes home during this Holiday Season. Thank God there are still people out there who stand by those who so selflessly served our Country and finds a way to say, "thank you"

Thank you Mike, Long Energy & Main-Care!

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