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Why We're Here

To provide charitable support services to veterans. We are committed to enabling our veterans to function in a safe, comfortable environment where they will not be hindered but instead, will be able to thrive and lead a full life.

How You Can Help

HELP US LOCATE OUR VETERANS IN NEED. We find that our vets typically will not ask for help! You can ANONYMOUSLY share their name / contact so we may reach out to them. Something as little as just listening to them, getting them out, transportation, housing, benefits, handicapping living space, new home, Vet to Vet sharing, Peer to Peer, lift chair, etc.



Join Us April 14th

Help Needed For Brick Ceremony

Malta Veterans memorial Park needs someone who can run a Mahindra for us? … Or, if you have your own machinery, you can bring it We need to excavate an area to install our next set of memorial engraved bricks in our veterans park Unfortunately, our volunteer that has been doing it for us each year has medical issues right now and is unable to do this for us. The bricklayers that are volunteering to install the Brick the first week of May. Need to have this excavation done prior to their starting. We need to dig down about 12 inches and then put in the stone dust, etc. but the excavation needs to be done prior to that, please contact Renee Farley Malta Veterans appreciation program to Volunteer. They have served us, and now it is our turn to serve them… Is there someone out there that can help us?

Thank you in advance. Please contact Renee Farely at 518-577-8863.

Home For Heros Dedication


Veterans Memorial Brick Ceremony 
June 2, 2024

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Veterans Memorial Brick

As featured in Saratoga Today and the Times Union!  

Some of us have served our country while others are citizens who support our veterans. Our vision is to build a memorial that will commemorate and properly recognize our veterans -- past, present and future – (and their family members) for their contributions to the protection of our nation and its citizens, as well as the preservation of freedom throughout the world.

Be sure to read the Daily Gazette's article on the recent renaming of the Malta Veterans Memorial Park in Two-time Purple Heart recipient U.S. Marine Corps Capt. David Wallingford's honor.

Dedication Ceremony

Be sure to check out our other videos on our YourTube Channel.


Ready to lend a hand?  Contact us at, or use the additional contact information below.  We look forward to hearing from you.
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Renee Farley

(518) 577-8863

Michael Dill

April Sherman
Board Secretary

Desiree Farley
Community Relations Chair

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